Liver Disease Symptoms

Liver Disease Symptoms – Symptoms of Liver Problems

Liver Pain

Liver pain is often the sign of a number of serious health issues. Seeing a medical professional is advised for anyone who suffers from pain in the upper right side of their body. The liver filters harmful substances from the body, and the consumption of drugs and alcohol often causes liver pain. The liver pain symptoms may also be accompanies by other problems. Pain in liver that is found with exhaustion, difficulty breathing and pains in the right shoulder is the sign of some serious problems.

Liver Pain Symptoms

The liver is found in the upper right hand side of the abdomen. Pain in liver is often felt in the upper right quadrant of the stomach, though sometimes liver pain is mistaken for abdominal pain. The crucial issue for liver pain is that it is found as a pain on the right side of the body near the rib cage. Many alcohol drinkers notice liver pain, and the consumption of alcohol is usually followed by pain in liver. Visiting a doctor is one way to be sure that the pain right side is caused by the liver. Seeing if there are any other liver pain symptoms will provide a clue as to whether the pain is caused by a damaged liver or something else.

Liver Pain

Other Symptoms

Serious liver problems are often accompanied by a host of other problems. Hepatitis or liver disease may be the cause of the pain in right side. The liver removes toxic substances from the body, and when it is not working properly many people suffer from exhaustion. Difficulty breathing is another symptom that may accompany pain right side. The right shoulder may also hurt. Difficulty breathing, shoulder pain and exhaustion are a sign that there may be something seriously wrong with the liver. Itching and jaundice are two other symptoms that may accompany pain in liver. Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin, and it is easy to see in the whites of the eyes. It is advisable to see a doctor immediately, and they can diagnose for sure the reason behind the pain.


Health care professionals can perform blood tests and other exams to diagnose whether pain right side is actually caused by a damaged liver. Blood tests are one of the first steps that a doctor will perform for their patients. These tests check for the healthy red blood cell counts that are associated with normal liver function. When there are inadequate red blood cells, there may be serious damage to the liver. Ultrasounds are also used to diagnose any type of liver disease. Often, hepatitis is accompanied by a swollen liver. The swelling is one of the reasons for the pain. Doctors will quickly notice if there is any swelling in their patients’ livers when they have an ultrasound performed.

Causes of Liver Pain

There are a number of health problems that are associated with pain right side. Impaired liver functioning may be the result of a disease or can be related to an unhealthy diet. Hepatitis is one of the major liver diseases. Drug use and alcohol consumption are two activities that are closely related to hepatitis. Fatty liver is another problem that can result in liver pain symptoms. This disease is caused by an inability of the liver to break down the fat that is consumed in the diet. Reducing fat intake is one way to improve liver function in the event that a person is suffering from fatty liver.


Doctors can provide their patients with a number of approaches to improve the liver pain symptoms. Prescription pain killers are one way to get rid of any discomfort that is associated with problems. Liver disease can also be treated through the supplementation of certain foods and vegetables. Protein is one item that is responsible for a healthy liver. Adding protein to the diet improves hepatic function. Eliminating certain toxic substances from the diet is another good idea. Certain drugs may impair liver function. Doctors can provide more detailed information on which drugs may need to be removed from their patient’s repertoire. Alcoholic beverages exacerbate liver pain too. Restricting the consumption of alcoholic beverages is one of the first things that should be done to get rid of liver pain.

Liver pain symptoms can be the first sign of a serious health problem. The liver is found on the upper right side of the body under the rib cage. Liver pain is usually associated with a number of other issues. Shortness of breath, itching, jaundice, exhaustion and pain in the right shoulder are a few signs that pain right side are a sign of a liver problem. Seeing a doctor immediately is the best way to ensure any problem is quickly diagnosed. Fatty liver and hepatitis are two of the most common issues that can result in a pain in liver.

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