Liver Disease Symptoms

Liver Disease Symptoms – Symptoms of Liver Problems

Symptoms of Liver Failure

Identifying Symptoms of Liver Failure

The liver is a very interesting organ that performs a variety of functions, the most common function that most people are familiar with is removing toxins from the blood. The liver also produces bile for digestion, it stores proteins, enzymes and vitamins. The liver can regenerate itself to a degree, but there are times when the liver fails, this is what we will concentrate on today.

Two Types of Liver Failure

As with many diseases you have acute symptoms and chronic failure. The liver is no different, the more common disease associated with the liver is chronic failure. Acute liver failure generally occurs when you ingest or overload the system with drugs such as Tylenol.

Chronic liver failure obviously occurs over a longer period of time. The most common name that comes to mind is “Cirrhosis,” this disease is identifiable with alcohol, but this is not the only cause. Some medications are extremely toxic and when taken for years on end can definitely burden the live to the point of failure.

Human Liver

Human Liver

Cirrhosis Symptoms

The symptoms of cirrhosis can often be confused with other diseases or illnesses. This is one reason a person with the following symptoms should consider asking their Doctor to do tests associated with the liver.

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Yellowing of the Skin
  • Bruises Easily
  • Appetite Reduction

As you can see the above symptoms could be related to a number of ailments, but the yellowing of the skin, also known as “Jaundice,” is the most telling sign of liver failure.

Acute Symptoms of Liver Failure

As mentioned before a person can overdose, mistakenly, and cause acute liver failure. The symptoms are much more definable in these cases. Of course vomiting blood or blood in the stool is immediate cause for concern and could be an indication of liver failure.

Lack of alertness, passing out, change in mood, delirium, are all signs of acute liver failure.

When there is sudden liver failure the build up of toxins can also cause a shortness of breath and muscle tremors. It goes without saying that if you experience any of the symptoms you must see your Doctor right away to identify the root of the problem.

Can The Gallbladder Cause Liver Failure?

Since the liver produces bile, which is used for digestion, there can be liver failure due to gallbladder problems. The most common problem people have with their gallbladder are gallstones. These stones can get lodged in the bile passage and prevent the bile produced by the liver from being delivered to the stomach. In cases like this the bile will back-up into the liver, maybe not to the point of failure right away, but certainly contribute to much discomfort.

If this condition is left unattended for a period of time it can certainly end up in liver failure. Besides the symptoms mentioned above the general symptoms associated with gallbladder problems are severe pain on the right side of the abdomen, sweating, and a feeling of passing out.

Liver failure can perpetuate other health problems that can be fatal if untreated. Since the liver is a toxin extractor for the body it is exposed to many elements that can contribute to its failure. Like any health issue the sooner you get checked out the sooner you can administer treatment and reverse the problem.

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